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Gail Wager Impressions

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We hope you enjoy looking through the various galleries of Gail's paintings.
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Thanks for visiting! We hope you enjoy the artwork.

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Much of Gail's life has been immersed in water soluble paint and rough-edged paper. She received her Master's degree in Art Ed and taught for several years, but it wasn't until 1995 when her youngest son left for college, that she returned to the laundry room to dip the brush deep. Seven years later, we like to think of her as having her PhD in Science...

The science of SEEING nature, people, and landscapes in a way that literally brings them to life upon paper. We hope you enjoy this site!
                                        Brook Wager


"The picture was really something unique... My mom absolutely loved it!"

-Molly Wells, Denver, CO (Regarding "Birthday Tribute")
"When I look at it, I almost have to do a double
take because they look so real.  You really
captured their personalities to a tee.
Thanks for putting such heart into it."
-Elizabeth Whitfield, Ft. Collins, CO (Regarding "Kasha, Pico and Salvador")

Are you interested in having a painting done of a person, pet, or a scene you love? If so, you've come to the right place.  Please allow me to help you have the painting you desire.


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